AARON BRAXTON - The Writer/Director
Aaron Braxton's critically acclaimed solo play, DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK? in which he wrote and performed has toured several cities in the U.S. and Europe. Dramaturged by HBO's True Blood star Gregg Daniel, co-directed by Kathleen Rubin and produced by the Beverly Hills Playhouse, this 12 character tour de force, ran 9 months and became the longest running show in the history of that organization. Focusing on one teacher's journey through the bureaucracy of an urban educational system, it has garnered rave reviews from The LA Times, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Backstage, LA Weekly, Channel 4 News, and a host of other national and international media publications and outlets. It has also won an International Gala Star an a NAACP Image Award.

Quickly becoming one of the industry's most sought-after solo show directors, Aaron Braxton has also co-wrote and/or directed several other notable solo shows including BELAFONTE UNAUTHORIZED. A solo show he wrote and directed about the civil rights activism of legendary performer, Harry Belafonte., and JUST LET ME SING. A story about an inner-city girl whose only true goal in life is to make music under insurmountable odds.

Writing is a deep passion of Aaron's. He has authored several books including; Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings, Going Solo, I Am, I Am Special Edition, Did You Do Your Homework?, Did You Do Your Homework? Is Not Enough!, and The Homeboy's Guide to Southern Cookin'. H

Upcoming plays include, Broken; A play about a woman who suffers a horrific and traumatic experience that alters her life and the lives of her family, A Long Way From Sunday; A play/feature film about a 10 year old boy and his preacher grandfather who gets so disillusioned with life and circumstances that he kills his friend and burns down his church, Alaiyo (feature film): A feature film about a female conartist, and The Sub (TV pilot).: Based on the story and characters from his successful solo show, Did You Do Your Homework? It's a dramedy about the bureaucracy of the educational system.

Did You Do Your Homework? Is Not Enough!
Did You Do Your Homework?
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