AARON BRAXTON - The Teaching Artist
A highly, coveted teaching artist, Aaron Braxton has worked with several major corporations including, but not limited to: Locke Senior High School, California Conservation Corps, Sara Center, Florence Crittenton Center, YMCA Summer Youth Program, Palm Beach County Head Start, California Association of Private Special Education Schools, (CAPSES), Green Dot Charter Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, and AT&T. He has facilitated workshops/professional developments around topics involving: sexual harassment, job preparation/interviewing, bullying, teen pregnancy, self-motivation, drama, professional development, speech and communication, the value of education, elementary and secondary art integration and life coaching

Exuding irrepressible enthusiasm and demonstrating high academic intelligence, Aaron Braxton demonstrates emotional integrity through empathy and social sensitivity by adjusting to the needs of people. Growing up economically disadvantaged, he believes that learning is a lifelong process. That it is not enough to regurgitate information; one must reflect on how information has the ability to transform life. Moreover how it can bring about a paradigm shift in perception, worldview and economic status.

In this era of steady change, uncertainty, and challenge, Aaron Braxton's method of teaching will, no doubt, matter more than ever. Through the "Art of Being," he teaches students to be fearless, discover their own voice and to reveal the ethical frames by which they think. He arouses curiosity and elicits questions about individual and collective experiences in meaningful ways with the goal being to create socially conscious individuals who are aware of their personal power and the impact their actions have on individual choices and ideologies. "A strong, vital, and progressive society cannot be made unless people create it together. I challenge people to become critical thinkers who are risk takers and believe their positive actions will make a difference in the world. We are free to examine limits, but we have to be motivated to recognize that there are none."

SOLO THEORY: A 6-8 week course where anyone with a sincere desire to create, will be able to conceptualize, outline, and write their own personal one-person shows. Based on his book, GOING SOLO.

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